My Platform - Ocala Florida

My Platform

I support a fiscal sound budget and holds the line on taxes and fees. School budgets are submitted to the Board by the Superintendent. The Board can accept the budget as submitted or amend it, information received from the staffing plan helps guides the decision.
  • Policy Amendments- I drafted and introduced Policy 8.54 Amendments to enhance and make our system more proactive in raising funds through other avenues rather than raising taxes, and voted against the impact fee.
Student Discipline: 
Schools strive to create the nurturing, positive, and safe environments that we know are needed to boost student achievement and success. No student or adult should feel unsafe or unable to focus in school, yet this is too often a reality. Simply relying on suspensions and expulsions, however, is not the answer to creating a safe and productive school environment.
  • PASS Program- as an alternate to out of school suspensions. This programs give parents the alternative to take their suspended child to 4 sites in Marion County to continue receiving their education and has positive behavior modification provided.
  • Positive Path- (not yet implemented) - School Resource Officer can issue a Juvenile Civil Citation in lieu of arrest for first time offenders (criminal elements attached to offense) and the student to participate in a programs that offer:
1. Behavior Modifications
2. Counseling for Parent and Students
3. Community service hours

This program will reduce expulsions and alternative placement schools.

Supports a curriculum that teaches Civics and American History and does not impede the future of our children.

School Choice - 
I support school choice.  I believe that Parents should be able to send their child to the school of their choice.
Teachers - 
I support Teachers and the wealth of knowledge they give to our children. My mother was a high-school teacher who shared her wisdom with her students and family.
School Prayer- 
I Believe in School Prayer. "As long as there are tests, there will be prayer in school." 
  • Researched Information - Public school students have the right to pray voluntarily in a non-disruptive fashion during the school day and read religious texts during free time. Rule of understanding is: Individual, voluntary religious activity by students is permitted; school-sponsored religious worship is not.

Judeo-Christian Values - 
Support our Judeo Christian Principles that helped form this nation

Even if you are Pro-Choice, we should all agree that children are the future; therefore our belief in Excellence in Education for Student Achievement is a goal necessary to afford students the opportunity to receive an excellent quality education in the public and private school arena. A student that graduates has a good chance of becoming a productive member of society. I believe in the Right to Life of all persons, regardless of race or disability and that this principle is the bedrock upon which all other constitutional rights are derived. The basic idea of life has no argument when we look in the mirror, the constant view of ourselves is compelling biological evidence of the continuum of human life.

Support Buying American: 
Believe the American Business Dream can be revitalized and that the power is in small business to help increase jobs availability. We should support our local businesses to keep the local economy thriving.