School Board, School Board District 4 Angie Boynton, Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida School Board, School Board District 4

Ocala, Florida School Board, School Board District 4

Angie Boynton  
Conservative Leadership Experience and Proven Results
Abe Lincoln said, “The teachings of the school room in one generation will be the beliefs of government in the next.”, as we look at our current political and educational landscape we need to be mindful to set goals to Ensure Excellence in Education in Student Achievement.
Angelia “Angie” Boynton was born and raised in Ocala, Florida. She graduated from Forest High School and attended the University of Florida. She is the mother of one daughter. University. She is the daughter of Mildred and the late Douglas Boynton, Sr.

Boynton is a business owner, Instant Tax Group & Associates, specializing in Income Tax prep and small business accounting. She has training in Federal and State Taxes-Individual and Business, QuickBooks Technology Concepts, Marion County Citizens Academy, Ocala Police Citizens Academy, and the Leadership Institute Campaign Training.

Boynton is the Chair of the Marion County School Board. She is one of the 2014 Inductee in Marion County Black Archives, 2011 AKA-First Black Female Marion Countywide Election, 2011 Republican Women-Outstanding Service Award, 2009 Marion County Republican of the Year, 2006 Community Achievement Award Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, and 2007 Florida Federation of Black Republicans Outstanding Black Republicans.

She established the Boynton Education Scholarship (Housed at the Marion County Public Education Foundation) as an investment in students of Marion County. She has provided books and computers for students and established a library in her church, giving youth an opportunity to read at home.

    Vice-Chair School Board                                                
   Chair (2014-2015)                                                  
   Certified School Board Member                                  
   Marion County Republican Party (former 2008-2010)
   National Federation of Women- Chair Outreach  .             Diversity (2009-2010)
   Mad Dads Finance Director  (2003)                                           Red Cross Advisory Board    
   PACE (Chair 2005-2006)        
   Florida School Board Association (FSBA)
     District 23 Board (Marion, Citrus, and Hernando Counties)    
       Multicultural Diversity Vice-Chair
       Finance, Legislative and Advocacy Committees

Currently, I'm the Certified School Board Vice-Chair, Florida School Board Board Marion, Citrus, and Hernando (District 23 ) and Committees ? Vice?Chair Multicultural Diversity, Finance, Legislative and Advocacy, Marion REC Precinct 004, Republican Federated Women's Ocala/Marion Club, and Florida First Student Task.



Certified School Board Member
Several Policies
3 Board Committees (Parent Involvement & Balanced Scorecard)
2 Students Programs (Drugs & Alcohol and Dating & Sexual Harassment)
Audited: Finance Budget, IEP Schools, Employee
Disciplinary Guidelines

Thank you much for supporting me.


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Marion County School District IV Represents
  • Evergreen Elementary
  • Fort King Middle
  • Hillcrest
  • Maplewood Elementary
  • Oakcrest Elementary
  • Student Services
  • Vanguard High
  • Ward-Highlands Elementary 

All Children Enrolled the Marion County Public Schools

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(06/22/2018) ​June 22, 2018                                                                              Boynton Experience-PrincipledOcala-With the current state of our economy, the need to set examples for the youth of our nation is essential. Without role models that will influence our youth to continue on the path set forth by the forefathers of this great nation, America as we know will continue to fall. Our forefathers held the belief that education is crucial to the future defense and independence of America.  Being born in an era where the fundamental principles of freedom, Justice, and Moral Values were established in me, I put forth the following principles that I will adhere to.  In honoring me with your vote, I pledge to.Respect and guard the integrity of the governance process of the School Board.Keep Kids First and put people and principles over politics.Hold the Line on TaxesbMaintain channels of communicationSupport Parental School ChoiceFocuses on important issues and policies that affect education in Marion County.Acknowledge and preserve the Judeo-Christian principles that shaped the documents and founding of America.Support American History Education as unifying force of our citizens.Support Civics as a basic tool to educate our children about the USA Constitution. Signed this first day of June, 2018.                                                                                                  Angie Boynton                                                 Marion County School Board, District 4                                                 School Board Candidate

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